The Planning Board's responsibility is to review all proposals affecting land use in the Town. This Board approves Plats, conducts and approves or disapproves site plan reviews, subdivisions and also reviews Building Permit Applications in the Historic District. This Board may be advisory.

The Zoning Board's responsibility is to interpret the Town Code and review Applications for Special Use Permits and Variances (area and use) based upon the Code. This Board is not advisory.

The Planning Board has ten members with 7-year terms. The Zoning Board has six members with 5-year terms. The Code Enforcement Officer issues work permits and enforces the code of the Town.

The public is welcome to attend the Planning Board meetings, which are held the fourth Thursday of each month at 2 First Street in Athens. The Zoning Board meets the second Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m.

Planning Board

  • Scott Fischer - Chairman
  • Gail M. Stacey- Secretary
  • Gerald Bunting
  • Kenneth Fuller
  • Fran McCuske
  • Thomas Satter
  • Barbara Trembacz
  • Albert Gasparini-CEO/Advisor

Fee Schedule

For Subdivision and Site-Plan Consideration

Site Plan Application: $200.00

Minor Subdivision

Application: $50.00
Preliminary Plan (per lot): $50.00

Major Subdivision

Application: $200.00
Preliminary Plan (per lot): $75.00
Recreation Fee (per lot over 100): $500.00

In addition, applicant is responsible for:

  1. Cost incurred by the Town of Athens for Town Engineer to visit the subdivision location and review plans including drainage and sewerage sites, if required by the Planning Board. To review a site plan the first two hours of fees are included.
  2. Cost of legal notices required for public hearings to be placed in newspapers.
  3. Cost of mailing property owner notification letters by certified mail.

Zoning Board

  • Eric Nelson - Chairman
  • Anne Pirrone - Acting Secretary
  • Chris Ames
  • Helen Ihde
  • Chris Sprague
  • Albert Gasparini-CEO/Advisor

Site Plan Review
Subdivision Plat Review


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Athens NY ZBA Application r1 Feb 2022.pdf

Guidelines for Applicants to the Zoning Board of Appeals.pdf

Application Fee: $100.00. If there are any further hearing costs, applicant will pay balance at Public Hearing