Athens Community Foundation Grant Funding

Founded in 2001

As a result of a negotiated agreement between the Town of Athens, NY and Athens Generating Company, a charitable trust was established in 2001 to receive community benefit funding and manage a strategy for safeguarding donated assets. The Trust is known as the Athens Community Foundation. The Trust provides financial support through annual grant funding, to qualifying organizations seeking to conduct projects or make purchases that benefit the residents of Athens. As required by the Trust Agreement, oversight, investment, and disbursement of the Trust’s assets is the purview of three Trustees. Grant funding is awarded to qualifying organizations for purposes that the Trustees determine reflect the values and interests of the residents of the Town of Athens, NY, and benefit the general welfare of the Town and its residents.

ACF Grant Application

It is the desire of the Athens Community Foundation that all grant applications be completed on our pdf 2023 Athens Community Foundation Application (hard copy) (63 KB)  and printed for submission.

For prospective applicants who do not have the ability to complete the “fillable form application”, document 2023 ACF Application (fillable form) (28 KB)  is available to download and print out. Organizations and/or applicants who choose to prepare their application using the hard copy guide, please be sure to follow all instructions completely.

pdf 2023 Athens Community Foundation Application (hard copy) (63 KB)


Athens Community Foundation Advisory Board

There are open Advisory Board seats that will be filled prior to the next funding cycle. Advisory Board Members are key contributors in the annual grant award process. The Foundation encourages community members to participate in this very worthwhile process. Inspired parties should send a letter of interest to the Athens Town Board. The Athens Town Board selects and appoints Advisory Board Members.  

A template that can be used for preparation of a letter of interest is available below. Feel free to modify if you wish, but be sure to address the essential elements in the template. The areas in the template where candidates will have to express their understanding of the role of the Advisory Board Member, and why they would be an asset to the advisory process, are highlighted in yellow.

Along with the letter template, a document defining the role of the Advisory Board Member is also posted below. Prospective Advisory Board Member candidates should read and review, as an understanding of the Advisory Board Member role will assist in preparation of the required letter of interest.

Advisory Board Member Role

Advisory Board Letter of Interest (template)